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How to test LISA 3.1se

LISAPosted by Sven Adner 2010-10-06 10:14:05
If you already have an older LISA server i suggest do an new install on a new server
Set up a forward of all old data to go to the new test LISA3.1se to see that it works.

Do this on the old LISA server on the Adminpage select
--> forward to other LISA server using Bartsend
But if you have an old 2.2 installation you must replace the Bartsend binary
that is in the tools dir
if you have installed in /Sun this dir is in /Sun/SAlocexpwww/htdocs/tools
copy the new Bartsend version 3.0 from LISA 3.1se to the old LISA 2.2 server

This is because i have changed webserver from apache to lighttpd in LISA 3.1se
Bartsend 2.0 dosent work whith lighttpd

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Posted by Roland 2010-10-08 02:07:21

LISA is great, it has so many time saving functions and is a great way of collecting your server info in one spot.
I install it wherever I go, can't be without it.
Can't wait until I get my hands on the new 3.1 beta...

Great work Sven.